More review of the book Ask and it is Given.

I read some more of the book “Ask and it is Given”. I have to confess, that I don’t fully understand this book but I am interpreting it the best I can. What it is saying to me might be different to somebody else.
In chapter 6 it talks about the Law of Attraction, which is different than you might think. The book talks about the law of attraction as being a universal manager. It talks about humans as having vibrations and being in tune with the universe, with vibrations like radio waves. So if you want something and you picture yourself having it, you are allowing yourself to have it. If you don’t picture yourself having it need you are sending vibrations of not having it which is why you don’t have it. To me this is positive thinking, but this is just me. “You get what you think about. Whether you want it or Not” ( Ask and it is Given, page27)
Chapter 7 is about whatever you desire the universe will grant it if you have the right vibrations. You cannot get it if you don’t ask for it. You will get in a state of well-being which will help you get what you want. Remember this is my interpretion of the material and you might interpret it differently.


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