Green Living | The Open Door by Lennar

Green Living | The Open Door by Lennar.


I live next to Sun City, Arizona where the Recreation Centers are putting up covered parking with solar panels, great idea.

General Centers Projects / Information

• Installation of the Photo Voltaic (PV-Electricity producing) systems is well underway. All RCSC Center locations now have carport and solar panel construction either in progress or nearly completed. Marinette Center and Lakes E/W / Talisman Hall solar systems are now tied into their respective electrical service panels but the switch has not been thrown.
• The Bell thermal solar projects and Oakmont thermal project are now completed and have passed Maricopa County Environmental Services (Health) and Maricopa County Planning and Development (Building) inspections. The systems are now completed and functioning. Contractor is Priceless Plumbing. (Estimated Cost – $280,000)
• The RCSC grounds team is continuing to prune trees and spruce up Duffeeland Dog Park. This team also took on the project of trenching in a new waterline for the irrigation system inside the park and installed a battery operated irrigation control box. The updated irrigation system will now water the trees and shrubs automatically and also provide potable water for dogs and park users. Thanks Grounds Team for a job well done! (Estimated Cost – $200.)
• Budgeted fitness equipment has now been ordered. The new equipment includes a new Cybex rotation machine for Bell Center, new hammer strength back extension machines for Bell and Fairway Centers, several treadmills and some other miscellaneous equipment. Most of the new equipment is for replacement of worn out cardio units at various locations. (Cost – $64,974)



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