Stanford creates flexible, high-efficiency peel-and-stick solar cells | ExtremeTech

Stanford creates flexible, high-efficiency peel-and-stick solar cells | ExtremeTech.


Invisibility Cloak wanted by US military soon to be available.


Hyperstealth, a Canadian company has developed a product called Quantum Stealth. It’s a material that renders the target “completely invisible by bending light waves around the target”.

Hyperstealth has demonstrated the technology to the U.S. and Canadian military.

The U.S. military doesn’t want Hyperstealth to reveal the technology about the cloak because that would let the enemy how to get around it.

Great picture on MailOnline, but these pictures are just mock ups.

“Now, we’ve created about invisibility cloaks in a past, yet these have generally been unequivocally small, lab-based experiments that usually work with very specific wavelengths of light. These invisibility cloaks generally work by tortuous light around an intent regulating metamaterial waveguides — consider of them as visual paths that negatively refract light, so that their road around a intent can’t be discerned. So far, we have usually managed to rise metamaterials that hook specific wavelengths of light — so a intent competence be invisible to microwaves or infrared, yet not both. Quantum Stealth reportedly works opposite a whole operation of manifest light, and infrared too. If this is unequivocally a case, Quantum Stealth totally redefines a state of a art”. (admin, 2012)

ExtremeTech had the exclusive story.


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