Leaks and Background Checks


The military has the most thorough background check for their employees around. This just goes to show people that these background checks employers are making everyone go through is just worthless. I mean even at McDonald’s applicant’s need to have a background check before they are hired. McDonald’s can afford a background check that probably costs $125.00 but can’t afford $50.00 for health  insurance that is why they got a waver from the new health reform bill. In some cases applicants are spending more time completing the application and background test than they are working at McDonald’s.

The other thing is can you really trust your data with the government? Leaks like this and there is always a hard drive that just disappears from some military facility.


Another thing Bill Clinton allegedly lost the launch codes in the book “The Odyssey of an American Warrior” by Gen. Hugh Shelton. But the government wants to control the Internet.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this subject.


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