Justice Dept. says Arpaio not cooperating with probe


Arpaio is getting a lot of bad press lately. He has even got a death threat for a reward of 1 million dollars. Living in Phoenix, Arizona this is what we hear every day on TV, the SB 1070 bill, who is for it who is against it.  Where were these protesters for the last five elections, they certainly didn’t care when the white and black people were in Arpaio’s tent city with 140 degree heat in the summer, for the last five elections that Sheriff Joe got reelected. Did they take the time to vote? I have worked with illegal men from Mexico and they are willing to work cheaper if the company provides beer once a week, But a lot of them are very nice people and hard workers, but jobs are getting scarce and some of the problem is that American companies are replacing workers with technology. This is ironic because this is what science fiction writers have been making books about for years. Just something to think about.

I am new to blogging so any comments would be helpful and I will try to add more to this blog.  


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