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It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Posted: 13 Dec 2009 02:33 PM PST

“There is more to life than simply increasing it’s speed”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Great businesses, great products and great teams don’t appear magically – they are built over time.

Great work, great careers, great jobs and great lifestyles don’t just happen overnight (regardless of what you read on the internet). Again they take time and effort.

Anything worth building or worth chasing after takes time.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint so ensure you:

1. Are well resourced and well supported (you can’t achieve great things without help)

2. Keep to a steady, consistent pace instead of racing off (you’ll never sustain it)

3. Expect it to get painful at times (anything worth chasing after creates some pain)

4. Expect to hit ‘the wall’ at some point (but remind yourself that you’ll get past it)

5. Keep day dreaming about that finish line (it keeps you going when you’re in pain)

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