About Microsoft Patches

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t like my computer restarting when I don’t tell it to. Also when I update my computer I want to know what Microsoft is putting on it. Most the updates I go ahead and put on but some of this I just don’t need on my computer. That’s why I don’t do automatic updates at my home. But this is a good blog from Larry Selzer.


Oh by the way Happy Thanksgiving. Now I’m not complaining and I’m not a cook. But my wife has got me chopping nuts and helping cook the turkey, plus making a three layer cake the way her mom used to make it. Good luck with your Turkey dinner and cooking for it.

By the way now even though I don’t have a job right now, I am still going to take advantage of the economy. For example the other day I saw a man holding a sign at Jiffy Lube, the sign said $10.00 off. Well I needed my oil changed on my vehicle but just couldn’t find the time that day. Two days later I got a flyer for Jiffy Lube for the same oil change for $13.00 off. I made sure that I was the first one there, and guess what I won a raffle for free oil changes for a year.

Also I was not doing good on my Mysql class, so although I would see if I could get a tutor from Craigslist. Well I got 12 responses, in half a day I had to delete the ad. I found a wonderful woman that had 20 years experience that would teach me for a very fair price.

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