Top 10 Computer Viruses of all time.

Great article. Unfortunate that I am old enough to remember all these viruses. Most of these I helped solve while everyone else was in a panic. Especially when employees are not allowed to use their email all day.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Essentials is an automatic Windows Update an has Windows Live Writer in it. It works very well for editing your blog. I have just started using it. But I was looking for something like this. For lack of a better word I am undecided about Microsoft Live. I have two email addresses with Windows live. One I started on my own and the other when I got DSL with Quest, they gave me a Windows Live email address.  One thing I don’t like is on Microsoft Live Mail you can get all your email accounts on Windows Live, this is great. The thing is when setting it up your email passwords are unsecure. And the other thing I don’t like is on Windows Live Skydrive you can have over 25 gb on their site, but the Word documents I put on I can’t open them. I haven’t opened them and everyone else has reading permissions only.

Macs don’t have viruses?

My step-son said to me, people should get a mac. They have never had a virus. I have heard this from other people also. This not true in 1988  there were two Macintosh viruses the mac mag and the scores virus.

The truth of the matter is that Microsoft controls about 92% of the market while Macintosh and Linux have the rest. The people who make the viruses and attack Microsoft do so to have the most impact. Macintosh just doesn’t have enough people using it to make it worthwhile to them. If you were to investigate into it more you would probably find that Apple gives a lot of their computers to schools and colleges.

Also I should mention that phones such as the iphone and others and also ipods have had viruses.

About Microsoft Patches

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t like my computer restarting when I don’t tell it to. Also when I update my computer I want to know what Microsoft is putting on it. Most the updates I go ahead and put on but some of this I just don’t need on my computer. That’s why I don’t do automatic updates at my home. But this is a good blog from Larry Selzer.

Oh by the way Happy Thanksgiving. Now I’m not complaining and I’m not a cook. But my wife has got me chopping nuts and helping cook the turkey, plus making a three layer cake the way her mom used to make it. Good luck with your Turkey dinner and cooking for it.

By the way now even though I don’t have a job right now, I am still going to take advantage of the economy. For example the other day I saw a man holding a sign at Jiffy Lube, the sign said $10.00 off. Well I needed my oil changed on my vehicle but just couldn’t find the time that day. Two days later I got a flyer for Jiffy Lube for the same oil change for $13.00 off. I made sure that I was the first one there, and guess what I won a raffle for free oil changes for a year.

Also I was not doing good on my Mysql class, so although I would see if I could get a tutor from Craigslist. Well I got 12 responses, in half a day I had to delete the ad. I found a wonderful woman that had 20 years experience that would teach me for a very fair price.