I downloaded the open source software called Yamipod. It enables you to copy music from your Ipod to your computer, or from your computer to your Ipod or someone else’s Ipod. Well it gives you some warnings to back up your Ipod and use at your own risk. I didn’t backup because that’s what I wanted the software for, my music was installed in itunes on a different computer and I don’t have access to that computer any more. So I wanted Yamipod to copy my songs from my Ipod to my Itunes library. After I started using Yamipod all my songs copied into Yamipod, but than my Itunes software wouldn’t recognize my Ipod and My Ipod showed no songs. I fixed it by going to the apple/ipod website and clicking on Ipod repair, which got my songs back on my Ipod. And then I downloaded the newest version of Itunes and then Itunes recognized my Ipod. I can’t recommend this software unless you do something different than me. If you find a software that copies Ipod music to the computer and works good let me know.


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